why donato in sherway gardens ?

With hundreds of hair salons in the GTA, what makes Donato  different?

 We are not only the Go-To salon in Etobicoke for Curly Hair, but highly recommended as experts in all hair types . Often titled "THE BEST SALON IN SHERWAY GARDENS. "  Our staff pride themselves on creating the best hair cut and colours for each season.

Donato salon in Sherway Gardens is also recognized for it's customer service excellence...

With a long list of extremely satisfied guests, we understand the erratic behaviour of all hair types, and the importance of a thorough consultation. The result?  Exactly what you want from a hair salon....

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some online testimonials.


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By far the BEST Salon in the GTA! The owners are true professionals who know exactly what they are doing! Gianni Mota gives the Best blow dries EVER!!!! I even get my mom to drive an hour out of her way to come see him!!

-A Google User


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I would like to thank the staff for accomodating me last minute due to a booking error this past Friday. Marlena was able to give me a cut which I am absolutely loving. Its not easy to find a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair and I must say she did a splendid job. Thanks Marlena!

- Erika Riquelme


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Have never been happier . Def my new favourite salon. Gianni was really good. He knows what he's talking about and he really listen to what customer really want. He didn't try to rush you out like most places but he actually invest in what you really like and what you really don't like . Good price - good customer service - good products - good hair dresser - that's the total package :)!

- Winnie Nguyen


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First time to Otazzi. Wonderful experience. All the staff made sure you were always looked after.
I have very curly hair and nervous trying a new salon. Gianni did an Agave treatment on my hair and finally Gianni cut and styled my hair exactly how I wanted. Just amazing!!! Can't wait for them to do my colour now. Love this salon!

Mary Theresa Orlowski Murray


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I couldn’t be happier with Salon Otazzi. After years of struggling to find a good stylist, I finally found this gem of a salon in Port Credit. Before even visiting the salon, I was assured over the phone that their stylists are experienced in working with frizzy/curly ethnic hair, which is what I have. I felt like I was making the right choice in choosing this salon and the experiences I have had there have reinforced this time and again. The stylist I see is Gianni Mota, the Artistic Director. Gianni and his staff are super friendly and they treat me like they care. Gianni always takes the time to explain what he is doing to my hair as he cuts it. He also demonstrates/teaches me how to style my hair myself and happily answers all of my questions. He never ever tries to push a product on me. If I ask for advice, he will recommend a product, but again he doesn’t make me feel pressured to buy it. I absolutely love my hair after a cut at this salon; it’s flawless and I always get compliments.

- Tiffany 



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"Being a Professional Editorial Hair and Make-up Artist http://www.lorifabrizio.… I must say it is very hard to find people I can trust to do my hair - Well that was until I found Salon Otazzi! Gianni Mota makes me feel like I am a superstar every time I get my hair cut and blown out! He does the best blow dries in the city! Gianni Mazzei has been highlighting my hair with colors I could never get with any other colorist. I highly recommend you give this salon a shot!"

-Two Chicks and Some Lipstick



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I found this salon about a year ago after looking for a new stylist for my crazy frizzy curly hair. I was skeptical. I have been gonig to this salon and seeing Gianni as my stylist. He has been nothing shy of amazing. My hair has never looked so good. He's so honest, and takes passion all that he does. NOT to mention that no one has been able to blow out my hair for about 15 years! My hair looks fantastic. Great small environement, modern, friendly and in my favourite part of the city Port Credit. Anyone with curly hair....Gianni is a MUST! You won't be disappointed.

- Lisa 


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I must say I have gone to a lot of places for my hair and finally have stuck with one salon. This place is great friendly service hair turns out amazing every time. All my friends and family have now started going and they feel the same way. Gionni knows what he is doing especially with curly hair I was so scared to cut it and now I am excited to cut & style my hair every time. Thanks Salon Otazzi!

- Monika


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Fabulous salon. Gianni Mota is the best. Gianni does a lot of the hair on The Shopping Channel and uses some of their great products here - notably Silk Oil of Morocco - the best argan products you'll ever find!

- megadoubleu



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"For years I've been looking for the best salon for curly hair. Living in Mississauga, I would dread the drive through traffic just to get my hair cut at a toronto salon. A colleague told me about Salon Otazzi, so I thought I'd try it out. This is by far the best salon for curly hair in Mississauga! Nevermind that. It's the Best Salon In Mississauga.

- Lorraine



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"Having long curly hair, I finally found a salon that I no longer fear having a haircut. They know how to cut curly hair."

- Nancy



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"Not only did I find the best curly hair salon in Mississauga but found a stylist that explains exactly what their doing and using. Now I'm able to style my hair effortlessly at home."



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"I visited Salon Otazzi for the first time and it was an incredible experience!The salon is upscale modern and so warm and welcoming making for inviting atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and welcoming from the moment I arrived. I received the full treatment with color by Gianni Mazzei and cut and style by Gianni Mota. I left with by far the best color and style I've ever had! They listened to what I wanted (and I am a nightmare client who gives little to go on) and it turned out even better than what I'd imagined. While styling my hair Gianni gave me step by step tutorial on how to do the same at home myself. He showed and explained what products he was using, but never once did I feel pressured to make a purchase ( I did though because the product was great and the price was fair! ) for the first time I left a salon feeling condiment I could recreate this look at home :)I would recommend to anyone who asked and I will definitely be a regular client going forward. Excellent experience. Excellent finished product!! Thank you G2!!"

-Cheryl R.



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"I have to say that the atmosphere is amazing! the decor beautiful! the staff is not only experienced and outstanding but very welcoming! Your welcomed at the door and treated like your special from the moment you sit. Your not just a number here your a somebody!I have been to many different salons looking for someone that knows how to cut curly hair, This resulted in many arguments and just a nightmare. I heard through a friend about Salon Otazzi and an Art Director for Hair named Gianni Mota. He brought my hair back to life! My curls have never looked so beautiful. They are bouncy, shiny and soft again. I would never think of going any were else.I now also get my hair coloured by Gianni Mazzei and I must say all I get is complements. He knows exactly what will make your hair shine and bring colour to your face.When walking out of this salon not only do I feel fresh and completely satisfied I feel BEAUTIFUL. I recommend this Salon to everyone especially us Curl Gurls. Thank you Salon Otazzi your 5 stars in my book!"

-Gigi C.



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" If you have curly hair, you just have to try Otazzi! Gianni Mota and Gianni Mazzei are miracle workers! I've been several times, and always leave happy."



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Today I randomly chose the Otazzi salon based on the reviews at this site. The salon is conveniently located; the décor is modern and clean with lots of light. The appointment was quick and easy to make over the phone and going forward I can book the appointment on line. My hairdresser Maja was professional and efficient in cutting my hair. We discussed what I wanted done prior to washing my hair. Then she consulted me every step of the way to ensure I was happy. Thanks Maja great cut and great experience! I think I found my new salon.



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Just had to share!!! Today was my third visit to Salon Otazzi. Not only did I get another Fantastic haircut and style by Gianni Mota, Gianni Mazzei blow me away with a new winter colour. This place has the friendliest staff, (always watch the other stylists. Lots of talent.) It's clean, fresh, bright, and stylish. before i left today, I officially nighted them as my hair guys. Ladies if you're looking for a new salon, look no more. Thanks Otazzi





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